forever fashion

Slow fashion: how to keep your favourite clothes forever – from laundering to moth-proofing


Check the seams

It sounds obvious, but if you want your clothes to last, you need to invest in well-made garments in good-quality fabrics. Don’t assume that expensive items are high quality – check for yourself.


Do you need to wash it?

The more you wash clothes, the quicker they wear out. There are plenty of ways to refresh clothes without chucking them in the washing machine: we suggest spot-cleaning tricky stains or taking whiffy garments into the bathroom while you shower, to steam them. This will not only help to make your clothes last longer but is also more environmentally friendly.


If you must wash things, do it properly

Items worn close to your skin, particularly underwear and socks, should be washed at an adequate heat. Don’t fling pants in with your dish towels on a 30C wash.

Putting a wash on when you don’t have a full load wastes water, but at the same time, cramming your whole wardrobe in and overfilling the machine isn’t good for your clothes. Not only do the clothes not wash properly, but they will also rub against each other and cause damage and fading.


Support your local tailor and cobbler

How many pieces of clothing have you thrown away after a strap comes loose or a button falls off? When a pair of shoes starts to wear out, have you ever considered whether they can be re-soled? Extend the lifespan of that amazing vintage piece which used to belong to your cool relative and take it to a tailor.


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