King Street has long established itself as the premium shopping destination in Manchester with a range of merchants at the pinnacle of art, jewellery and fashion.


King Street’s rich history and inspiring architecture has established it as a unique shopping destination within Manchester.

The beautiful combination of 18th and 19th century buildings couldn’t be further from the modern world of shiny plastic new-builds and impersonal shopping environments.


Bringing over 50,000 visitors to King Street, the King Street Festival has established itself as a key event in Manchester’s calendar. The vibrant mix of live music, flower show, performances and collaboration with retailers has proved extremely popular with both King Street’s tenants and visitors.

The part west of Cross Street was already a shopping street in the early 20th century. Roger Oldham’s “Manchester Alphabet” (1906) includes the lines:

There’s King Street
And there’s King Street South
And also King Street West,
They each of them begin with K,
I know which I like the best–
The one in which the cake shop is–
Let’s go inside and rest.

King Street’s history goes back to 1772 with Manchester’s original civic house, which later became the site for the Manchester’s first Town Hall (1825).

As the city development King Street became the pivotal financial district through the development of the icon buildings still standing today.

  •  53 King Street – Lloyds TSB by Charles Heathcote, (1913)
  • 76-80 King Street – Prudential Assurance Offices by Alfred Waterhouse, (1888)
  • 81 King Street – Manchester Reform Club by Edward Salomons, (1870) Listed Grade II
  • 82 King Street – Former Bank of England Manchester branch, by C.R. Cockerell, (1845) Listed Grade I