Manchester Christmas Markets Named Second Best In The UK

Christmas arrives on King Street once more. Marking the 25th anniversary of the first Christmas Markets in 1998, festive fun and fare is on offer all over the city from now until 21st December. Here on King Street, you can take in the wonderful atmosphere, enjoy foodie favourites as well as local artisanal treats.

According to a recent study, Manchester’s Christmas Markets have been ranked as the second-best in the UK. Birmingham took the top spot, but Manchester outperformed cities like Edinburgh, York, and London on the list.

The research findings indicated that Manchester’s markets had the highest number of TikTok mentions, totalling 13.1 million. Additionally, they had the most annual Google searches, reaching an impressive 722,300.



When considering a three-star hotel, Manchester emerged as one of the more affordable Christmas market destinations, with an average nightly cost of £96. The study, conducted by Christmas Tree World, awarded Manchester an overall score of 7.69 out of 10 across six different categories.

Manchester’s strong performance in the study can be attributed to the sheer volume of Google searches related to the event. The study’s authors noted that while the market ranked first in the previous year’s study, it narrowly missed retaining the title of “the best” this year. They mentioned that the city had the highest annual Google searches for its Christmas market (722,300) and the most TikTok views (13.1 million). Thanks to its wide range of activities and dining options, Manchester is an ideal destination for families with children, and the market runs for a total of 42 days.

This year, Manchester’s Christmas markets will return on November 10, transforming the city center with stalls offering mulled wine, delicious sausages, sweets, and an array of festive gifts. Numerous wooden stalls will be set up in various locations, including King Street, Cathedral Gardens, Exchange Square, Market Street, and Piccadilly Gardens.