Creativty is king


KSMCR founder, Nicholas Hardy, is an acclaimed creative director born and bred in Manchester who for 10 years ran a Soho-based creative agency.

He worked on commissions for clients like Selfridges, RCA Records, Nike, Red Bull and Vanity Fair. He then moved into photography under the pseudonym of TOM FRAUD. With his cinematic style and portrait-based work he was published in Condé Nast Traveler, Esquire, GQ and has had successful exhibitions in both the USA and UK.


Nicholas, tell us about what you are doing at present.

I run a creative agency, I am a photographer and I have recently acquired an award-winning brand called Lascivious.

The main focus throughout my career has been content creation and I see the shift more than ever towards this direction especially during these times. The digital world for companies is limitless and I feel moved to explore the opportunities and to collaborate with other innovators.

Now is the time to reinvent the way we create content.

You’ve had the pleasure of travelling all over the world through your career. What brought you back to Manchester?                      

Manchester is fast-becoming the chosen destination for new and emerging brands. Many of whom are migrating from London and around the world to join a thriving fashion community of some of the most recognised brands. Manchester rivals any city for opportunity within the industry.

It feels good to be returning “back to my roots”. Now is the right time to reconnect with my hometown.

We’re excited to welcome you to King Street. Why is it the place to be?

One of my first jobs was in the Royal Exchange Arcade and I remember at lunch time I would walk up and down King Street which was thriving with high-end brands!

King Street always felt like success! So to be here now is a real achievement!

You have a growing team of creative professionals currently working behind the scenes to build KSMCR. Tell us more about who some of them are and their expertise.

My business partner Rosie Roff, now our new head of fashion development, came up with the idea of doing our own version of virtual runways. This was the first spark in getting the ball rolling with the project which then transpired to us teaming up with CSP AV to create insane backdrops and environments to showcase brands and their collections.

What can visitors expect from KSMCR?

Our inspiration is to give this city and its creatives something that is needed at this moment in international history. Offering freedom to all the creatives we are going to work with – whether it be state of the art productions, leading agencies or a talented solo artist – is something we are so passionate about and are determined to achieve. Generating a creative community to deliver virtual content in these crazy times is a must and something we are firmly committed to achieving.

Find Nick and his team and 35 King Street.

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