Tier 4 Update

Regrettably, with tighter restrictions announced for Manchester we’ve closed all but our essential shops to customers. At least we’ve still got the Christmas specials, the turkey sandwiches, and the shame of having eaten that whole cheeseboard in one go.

While you might not be able to take a trip to the sales on King Street, we’ll still do everything we can to create a safe shopping environment for those using essential shops, click-and-collect and takeaway services. Check with individual retailers for their opening times and procedures, and we’ll post any new information on government guidelines across social media and on our website.

With plans disrupted and families kept apart across the country, many will be spending this period in isolation or places they haven’t been able to plan for. We will be sharing links and resources to community and charity groups in support of those who find themselves in need a this time, and encourage our shoppers to do the same. Stay safe, and see you soon.